Stepping in to the shoes of the veteran being a novice has never been a child’s play.
Nevertheless what one has acquired over the years through academic experience becomes an escaping boat.

I would like to pass my sincere thanks to the board of the station and the management of the radio station for trusting me into the position of being a Finance and Admin manager. I understand clearly what it means and the accountability it carries. I therefore bind myself to the ethical practices and principles applicable to the profession.

I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to my predecessor Mr M D Nyawo (the late) for having laid sound departmental policy. I also appreciate the team he has worked with shortly before his resignation early this year 2006. It is an undisputed fact that their contribution to the organisation has been so inspiring and it brought the section of finance and admin to the level where it is today.

The department of Finance and admin looks into a variety of tasks amongst other tasks is to.

  • keep financial records of the station.
  • keep the record of the personnel
  • issue receipts for the money that gets into the station
  • manage the station budget
  • responsible for the acquisition of the resources
  • keep the inventory of the station


  • maintain the fixed assets of the station
  • control the use of the telephone
  • issue and follow up bills with debtors
  • control the petty cash
  • control the pay roll system of the station
  • As well as looking after the reception area.

Performing the above tasks and other auxiliary tasks is quite fascinating, especially to know that, other than being behind the microphone on the studio, there are a lot of activities taking place behind the scenes that sustains the organisation.

Looking into the above schedule you will eventually see that without dedication and discipline you might fail to meet the demands. On the 29th of April 2006 we as a staff had a farewell party for B I Mavundla and K B Buthelezi; this is what Bheki told us in that party “…ngiyazile incazelo yokuthi kuyini ukusebenza ngomphathi wami uMnumzane Simon Ntsele, noma ngabe yini engingacabanga ukuyenza empilweni angeke ngisaba nankinga.”

These are the words of a diligent man Mr B I who confess to have gained a lifetime principle. I concur with him 100%, our leader is modelling and mentoring us to maximize our potential.
I would also like to thank the team I am working with, in the section of finance and admin. I am not ignorant of those extra hours we would give voluntarily to enhance our productivity. And collectively we thank our families for allowing us to go an extra mile which is often less travelled by the majority.

The financial year we are ending today, is characterised with lots events that are to our advantage and those that are not.
We have been able to purchase a number of assets which will appear on the financial statements. We have been able to service our studios, install computers and air conditioners in certain sections.

The transaction on back-up engine was a huge breakthrough since weather conditions normally disturbs our electricity.
The acquisition of the mobile studio coupled with its caravan will also generate us money to the station.

To the existing assets, we were so unfortunate that our van has been involved in an accident, resulting it to be beyond repairs. Processes are underway with the insurance company as our case was clear to be a mere accident with no negligence attached.

The lack of transport has hindered our workings lately. Getting another transport facility is still a challenge.
As our organisation grows, activities also expand like wise; the shortage of an appropriate building emerges.

Lastly I would like to thank the donors and our clients who at all costs identify themselves with us. We appreciate all those who transact things like sound system, public service announcements and other services we are offering.
We also thank government departments for the PSA`s programmes, and adverts they are making with us.

At the end of the day, in our minds we have our listeners who consistently and side by side abide with us. Let us all shine where we are with Maputaland Community Radio Station.